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Empowering Young Men for a Brighter Tomorrow

At Building Men, we are not only changing lives, we are changing the narrative for young men everywhere.

Our Vision:
To build young men who lead, serve and change the world.

Our Mission: 
To empower young men to live with character, integrity, strength, compassion and empathy through individual and group coaching, workshops, motivational speaking and retreat experiences.


Empowering Young Men Today, Building
a Stronger Tomorrow.

In 2005, the genesis of Building Men was sparked by Dennis Morolda's profound observation of the unique challenges plaguing the young men under his care as a middle school assistant principal. Faced with a landscape rife with disciplinary issues, academic setbacks, and disparities in educational outcomes compared to their female counterparts, these boys were in dire need of guidance and support. Leveraging his expertise in adolescent development, sociology, and mental health, Dennis pioneered an innovative social group aimed at redefining masculinity and empowering young men with the essential tools for navigating the complexities of society.

Challenges into
Opportunities for Every Young Man's Future.

Fast forward to the present day, Dennis has ascended to become a preeminent figure in the national landscape of empowerment, working tirelessly to uplift individuals, schools, and organizations nationwide. Through a multifaceted approach encompassing professional development, impactful assemblies, motivational speaking, and personalized life coaching, Dennis is dedicated to fostering a generation of men distinguished by integrity, resilience, and empathy. His transformative mentorship and coaching methodologies have left an indelible mark, catalyzing positive change and ushering in a new era of masculinity characterized by authenticity and purpose.

Join the Movement: Empower, Inspire, Impact.

Schools that have embraced the Building Men ethos have experienced remarkable transformations within their communities. Witnessing a surge in academic achievement, heightened engagement, and a tangible reduction in absenteeism and disciplinary incidents among their male student population, these institutions stand as testament to the efficacy of Dennis's visionary approach. As partners in the journey of empowerment, they have witnessed firsthand the tangible impact of Building Men, where rhetoric transforms into tangible outcomes and young men are equipped to thrive in a world filled with opportunity and possibility.

our values

At Building Men, we have the honor to tackle topics such as:













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