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COACHING for Young men


Are you willing to do what it takes to empower your son?


Does your son struggle with resistance, distraction or victimhood?


Would your son benefit from a coach with 20 + years of experience guiding young men to become accountable, resilient, confident, humble, self-disciplined leaders in society?


If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are in the right place.


Building Men Founder and CEO, Dennis Morolda, specializes in working with young men navigating the difficult terrains of adolescence.  As a teacher,  former middle school principal and high school coach, Dennis has counseled, mentored and helped thousands of teenage boys to build confidence, create healthy lifestyle habits, overcome self-limiting beliefs and understand the pillars of masculinity.  Work with Dennis focuses on:


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I want to thank you for the vastly important role you played in helping to coach my son through the aftermath of his difficult breakup.  We were desperate to try to get through to him and when he really hit rock bottom (a full two month period), we were simply out of options.  I was shocked at how quickly he trusted you, opened up and began the work.  I really do feel like you were the ‘uncle’ he needed to help him climb out of victimhood.  And then beyond that during the two month program, you injected into him ideas about the mature masculine and becoming a real man with real self-reliance and responsibility in life.  These are things that he would roll his eyes at coming from me or mom.  But you got through to him! Your work is immediately impactful and it’s making such a difference out there – giving teenagers that helpline to navigate out of the dark times that come with the teenage years – especially in this day and age.  Without hesitation I recommend your coaching to anyone in the long journey to real/mature manhood and a thriving life.

Jason H.

I was apprehensive about virtual coaching, but after one session with Dennis, I realized this is where I needed to be.  You begin the program by taking an inventory of yourself and where you would rate your health (physical, mental and emotional).  I realized after taking an inventory of myself, I was not in a great place (just looking for a new purpose) and needed to improve.  Over the next 12 weeks, we focused on all aspects of my health and I slowly started to see the changes in myself.  I began learning better habits (journaling, meditating, water consumption) and started introducing more physical activity into my daily life.  Dennis kept me accountable, and that was the best part because there were no excuses in not doing things.  I encourage anyone looking to improve themselves to sign up.  This was a life changing experience.

Jeff M.

Dennis Morolda is an excellent coach. He helped me to crack open the stubborn
obstacles that were hindering my progress for a long time.  He took the time to get to know me, understand me and develop an individualized plan to help me take back control of my future.  I was stuck in a victim mindset for as long as I can remember...and now...I am the hero of my story.  
His personality allows one to feel comfortable and at the same time empowered.
Dennis uses effective techniques that work and produce results.  I can honestly say that I am a different person than I was before I started to work with Dennis.  

I highly recommended Dennis and have recommended him to family members.

Chris W.

I was really struggling as a parent connecting with my son.  He is a freshman in high school and our relationship has been strained since my divorce.  When we are together, he would rather be on his phone or playing video games than speak to me.  

Knowing Dennis' background in education and coaching, I reached out to him for advice.  This decision changed the trajectory of my relationship with my son forever.  Dennis listened to me, shared his knowledge and expertise, helped me understand my son's mindset and helped me realize that I had the power to create a strong connection with my son.  Our relationship has improved by leaps and bounds the past few months, and the added benefit was that the strategies that I learned helped me in every relationship in my life.  I would recommend Dennis as a coach with out any reservation or qualification.  This investment in myself and my son was invaluable.  

Joe F.


Powerful life changing coaching

Life inventory


Goal setting and calibration


Weekly 60-minute phone call or video chat


​An educator with twenty years of expertise 


Collaborative creation of an individualized personal development plan

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