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Anthony Morolda is the Co-Host of the Building Men podcast. He is a certified personal trainer having worked in the fitness and nutrition industry for over a decade while helping countless individuals of all ages and athletic abilities overcome their physical, mental and emotional barriers to success. Anthony uses his knowledge of breath work, mindfulness and meditation practices coupled with his deep understanding of the physical and spiritual space to help others develop a heightened sense of emotional awareness and incorporate steps to improve various aspects of their lives. He hopes that by sharing his knowledge, his experience with depression and anxiety and his passion in learning from others, he can create a platform of love.


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Dennis is the founder and CEO of Building Men, a motivational destination for real talk about purpose, mindset, relationships, connections and the foundational building blocks to success. A former teacher, coach, principal and member of the Enlifted Team, Dennis now works with individuals, schools and organizations all over the country providing professional development, assembly programming, motivational speaking and life coaching. He specializes in helping individuals rebuild themselves after experiencing difficulties in life, such as the loss of a job, childhood trauma, separation or divorce. Dennis helps individuals overcome the use of soft talk, negations, projections, and the victim mentality by supercharging affirmations, breathing better, and becoming the architect of their story and their lives!

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