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Learn about the workshops, keynote speeches, assembly programs and professional development experiences that Dennis can facilitate in your school/organization.  

Building Community 

Interactive workshop/assembly program for students/athletes/teachers and coaches.  Your group will understand the importance of intentionally creating community and meeting the developmental needs of autonomy, competence, fun, relationship and safety.  


Focus to Evolve

This workshop focuses on understanding and managing the way we organize our lives.   Learn how to multiply your meaningful output in the same number of hours spent in order to create more time for work/life balance. We want you to live your life by design instead of by default. We want you to be the architect of more and more of your minutes. Because, after all, this is YOUR life. You are the expert and master of all that is you. 


Empowering Language

This workshop focuses on the dynamic combination of the words we use, the stories we tell ourselves, and how we breathe.  We map our understanding of the world with our words. Choosing the wrong words to build a thought or a feeling can lead to confusion and conflict. This workshop begins with an understanding of how simple word choice can make massive impact on how we think and feel. We all have stories about our lives. Relationship stories, family stories, money stories, health and fitness stories. This workshop looks at many of these “first drafts” and aims to craft richer, more productive ways to interpret our lives.


Building Men

Understand the unique developmental needs of the young men in your school/team/organization.  This program explores the pillars of masculinity and rites of passage that young men need to be successful in our world.  

Let's Work Together

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