Online Group Coaching 

for Young Men


Two live interactive

virtual meetings per month

Virtual coaching for young men  

What you will gain: 

  1. Improvement In Relationships 

  2. Understanding and Dealing with Grief/ Depression/ Anxiety

  3. Deeper Self Awareness

  4. Emotional Mastery Skills 

  5. Communication Skills 

  6. Build Healthy Habits/ Behavior Change 

  7. Mindset Work

  8. Clarity on Career/ Purpose 

  9. Physical Fitness/Nutrition Guidance

  10. Connection to a Brotherhood


What’s included?

  1. Bi-weekly 60-minute group zoom meetings with Dennis and Anthony  

  2. Lifelong access to our private interactive facebook group 

  3. High end guest speakers 

  4. Group discussions and Q and A’s 

  5. 1 on 1 accountability check ins

When will the group meet?

  1. The group sessions begin in the summer of 2022 and will run every two weeks

  2. The sessions will occur every other Sunday/Monday evening (depending on group preference)

  3. You may sign up/withdraw at any time (no long term commitment)

Who is this for?

  1. Young men in the high school to early 20's age range

  2. Young men who want to challenge themselves to be the most extraordinary versions of themselves

  3. Young men who see themselves as leaders in their family, their community and the world